Junior School Final Assembly 2015

As a new parent to the school, I walked into the final assembly for Junior School with little or no expectations. Not having witnessed the end of year celebrations at Southern Highlands Christian School before, I was prepared to just take it at face value. Although, if I’m honest, I wasn’t prepared for much – a few long speeches and maybe a song or two…

However, I wasn’t prepared to be amazed.

Each teacher had selected something they remembered, admired or respected in each student and presented this as an award.  It was so encouraging to see how much the teachers really care about their students, in both character development and academics. I was personally amazed that they took the time, amongst report writing and other end of year activities, to find something great about each student – this was admirable in itself! These awards were interspersed with performances along the theme of ‘Walking in the Light’. Each class presented a creative interpretation of what ‘Walking in the Light’ could mean and each performance was fun to watch. Not just a song or two, but several dramatic representations, clever choreography and a huge finale with the whole of Junior School that was reminiscent of a school musical.

Well done, Southern Highlands Christian School, for a highly entertaining and thought-provoking assembly. It’s going to be hard to top that one for next year!

Sara de Horne

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