High School

IMG_1422Our mission for High School

High School is an exciting part of life with young people developing in so many ways, finding opportunities to build identity while fostering stronger relationships; tackling the difficult questions of life while building knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

At SHCS we do this in a thoroughly Christian context, supporting families as they raise their teenagers, giving students a secure environment in which to learn and to be challenged in faith, service and academic development.

Our aim is to provide a diverse and rich mix of learning experiences which address the academic, spiritual and social need of your child, in partnership with parents and caregivers. We therefore take into consideration all aspects of development and welfare as they move toward becoming adults.

Academic Health

Our NAPLAN and HSC results remain strong and we are dedicated to continual improvement. A sound, positive culture of learning and academic achievement exists among staff and students. Based on numbers, our retention rate from Year 6 into Year 7 is consistently around 100%.

Life after school

Most of our students move into tertiary education in a wide variety of fields. The greater portion move to university to complete a degree while others take on traineeships and apprenticeships.

IMG_6787Service and leadership

Moulding young minds to become responsible citizens in the community in which they live is of paramount importance within SHCS, and we present a myriad of opportunities for students to become involved:

Year 7   Riding for the Disabled
Year 8   Bike for Bibles
Year 9   Sydney Homeless Mission Trip
Year 10 Outback Mission Trip
Year 11  Overseas Mission Trip
Year 12  Community Services

Students have opportunities to be part of an active SRC and to lead as School or House Captains.

IMG_1590Working with families

The family is integral in the education of their children. We partner with parents and caregivers in this great responsibility.


Every student is part of a Homeroom where encouragement, God’s Word and common activities are shared. Year Advisors focus on the welfare of all students in their year group. Our two Chaplains actively assist students in their navigation of life’s journey in a Christian context, and all teachers care for individual students, providing academic and personal support whenever needed.

IMG_8893The Curriculum

As a core activity of our High School, Biblical Studies presents ‘salvation history’ and ‘covenant relationship’ so that the Bible is firmly understood; revealing the centrality of Jesus in history and in our lives.

Electives are an opportunity for students to extend their skills in areas of interest. We provide electives in Creative and Performing Arts, Technological and Applied Studies, and PDHPE with offerings made in humanities and language and some external courses.

Japanese is currently taught in either Year 7 or in Year 8 with an elective option for Years 9 and 10. A variety of other languages can also be studied for the HSC via distance education.

For one period a week, during STRAND, students, teachers and others share skills, grow skills, share time and have fun. This school-wide program builds trusting relationships between students, teachers and members of the School community.

All students are encouraged to be involved beyond the classroom. Art, vocal ensembles, string ensembles, orchestra, sports, debating, SRC, competitions, additional service to others and many other options are available.

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