Year 11 and 12 at the Powerhouse Museum

Last week Year 11 and 12 Design and Technology took a trip with Mr Straughan to the Powerhouse Museum. We spent the day exploring the museum and looking at many different exhibitions and displays. Later in the day we heard a seminar based on HSC design projects and contributing factors, from an Industrial Designer from NSW University. A Senior Marker also gave a talk on how to put together a Year 12 portfolio and the design process for an HSC major work submission.

A highlight of the museum was the Wiggles Exhibition, which included old memorabilia, many fun activities and an exciting approach to design, with fun vibrant colours and odd shapes.
Another highlight of the day was the first talk by The industrial Designer which was extremely insightful on putting the design process into practice, including real life examples of her previous projects, to help inspire the students.

By Jessica Willis & Olivia Thompson

160403 Stage 6 Powerhouse Museum 1 160403 Stage 6 Powerhouse Museum 2 160403 Stage 6 Powerhouse Museum 3

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