Year 12 Legal Studies visits Downing Centre Court

Last Friday the Year 12 Legal Studies class took a trip into the heart of Sydney to see the processes of crime and justice first-hand.

We went to Downing Centre Court, which is a unique location as it is a large court complex and houses both District and Local Court cases, although often you do not really know what cases you will see until you get there.

As a class we witnessed the sentencing of a man convicted with breaking and entering, with the judge lamenting on the influences of upbringing on a person’s life, and how people respond to hardship. We also saw some of the cross-examination of an alleged offender, and, sadly, an ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Order) application for the victim of domestic violence.

In seeing these matters for ourselves, we were reminded of the sinful nature of man and how true justice only comes only from a God who knows both the actions and the hearts of all mankind.


160304 Year 12 Legal Studies Court Visit

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