Years 5 and 6 travel to Canberra

Year 5/6 Canberra camp was and exciting and interesting trip. We visited the Australian war memorial, the national zoo and aquarium, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), both old and new parliament houses, the National Canberra Exhibition, and, my personal favourite, Questacon. During our camp, we stayed at the Carotel Motel. They prepared wonderful foods, such as chicken schnitzel and roast lamb, for dinner, bacon, eggs and cereal, as well as sausages, for breakfast. They also provided packed lunches of chicken and lettuce sandwiches, as well as Vegemite and ham and cheese sandwiches.

At the national zoo and aquarium, we saw many animals: bears, giraffes, various types of monkeys, meerkats, and brown and white lions. We then went to the gift shop where people bought soft toys, plastic snakes, and even magnets. It was a very interesting (and hot!) experience.

The National Canberra Exhibition was fascinating. We got to sit in ‘Circa’, which was a revolving theatre that told the story of Australia. We saw the skeleton of a giant wombat, as well as one of the actual cannons and ballasts of ‘The Endeavour’. Their was a room that showed aboriginal and Torres straight islander dancing.

Finally, Questacon. Questacon was amazing. It had fascinating displays, my favourite of which were the ‘Lightning’, which was a tesla tower, and the free fall. From what I had heard of the free fall, I had pictured a huge, 10 metre slide. When I saw it, I was surprised, and relieved, that it was only about 4 metres high. However, it was still terrifying. The weird thing was, everything happened so fast, your heart only started pounding when you got off it.

All up, Canberra camp was amazing, and I look forward to the next time I go back.

by Ben Gellert.


On the 14th October, Stage 3 went on an excursion to our great capital, Canberra. It was such an experience for us to grow personally and to learn a lot. We went to many different places, each very  unique and we saw things we wouldn’t see in the Highlands. We started our adventure in the War Memorial and realised how blessed we are and how many people fought for our country to be that it is today. We also went to Parliament House and had an insight into the life of politicians and politics. We visited the Senate and the House of Representatives and split into groups and toured around the building. We even got to see our own Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull. We chatted to Mr Stephen Jones, the Labour Federal Member for Throsby. Next we visited the AIS Sports Centre and had some good insights on sport. We got to experience what it might be like to play all kinds of sports from ice skating to basketball and all in between! Southern Highlands Christian School would like to acknowledge the financial contribution made by the PACER rebate – an Australian Government Initiative. We had an amazing time in our capital territory. 
By Abigail Mkolo


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