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Dear SHCS Parents,

Information Technologies (IT) are constantly developing and providing new opportunities in education. Our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee has identified opportunities, assessed risks and planned a way forward for our students as they build skills for the future.

Our Plan

The forward plan involves a progression of devices and software that support age appropriate learning while maintaining flexibility across subjects in the senior years. Dedicated desktop computers have been installed in some specialty areas for specific purposes.

K – Year 4

For Kindergarten through to Year 4, students use laptops to build mouse, keyboard and software skills. These laptops make up our mobile computer lab; basically a docking trolley that can be wheeled to any room. With increased mobility of devices, the concept of a dedicated computer lab is now a thing of the past. Years 3 and 4 will move to Chromebooks in our next phase of device rollout.

Years 5-9

Students in Years 5 to 9 will be using Chromebooks. These devices are essentially laptops with features that allow the School to focus their use toward educational outcomes. Social media and gaming are restricted, both onsite and offsite, via a Cloud-based system. We have also implemented a system where a teacher can monitor all student screens on their own computer. The Junior School devices will remain at School.

Years 10-12

Students in Years 10 to 12 require greater flexibility in their devices with some preferring, or needing, alternative software platforms. Accordingly, these devices will reflect subject requirements as well as personal preferences and will, therefore, be purchased by families. This arrangement is often referred to as BYOD (bring your own device) and, due to its effectiveness and sustainability, is the preferred system for senior students in many schools.

Students in Years 10 to 12, 2017, will need to acquire a device that meets the requirements of their subjects. The following information will assist you in your selection and purchase. The guidelines below include devices that will connect to the School system. If you wish to use an alternative, please speak with our IT staff to confirm its usefulness. A device that does not connect will not be useful in the School context.

The minimum specifications for IST, Design & Technology, Visual Arts and Music (other subjects have less requirements) are:

  • Windows or Apple – i5, 4gb Ram, at least 128gb SSD
  • Windows 8.1 – Windows 10
  • OSX 10.7 – OSX 10.13

Note: (You can purchase general PC’s with standard HDD)

To assist you in getting value for money, JB Hi-Fi are offering a range of devices at reduced ‘education’ prices. Most of the Windows devices are not available in store as they are commercial grade computers built for an education market.

An online portal (or shop) has been set up exclusively for SHCS. For convenience, we have pre-selected devices and prices that will allow you to purchase across a wide range of computers. JB Hi-Fi also offers extended warranties and a range of payment options to suit family needs. Using the portal is straightforward. Computers ordered in this way will be delivered in bulk directly to the School on the following dates: 28.11.16, 8.12.16 or 9.2.17.  Of course, it is just an option and we encourage families to shop-around for the best deal.

To access the JB Hi-Fi portal, go to the School website (, Parent tab, BYOD) or follow this link .  When prompted, enter the SHCS code: SHCSBYOD

You do not have to purchase on the first instance when comparing prices with other stores. Simply select the computer options you would like, then view your total. Also keep an eye out for specials on accessories like carry cases, USB drives etc.

iPads are being phased out at SHCS. Our current stock of iPads will be used in JS activities, Science, Photography and Music composition until they become obsolete or unserviceable.

Southern Highlands Christian School receives no financial incentives or benefit from our partnership with JB Hi-Fi. The negotiated pricing is to benefit our students.

We look forward to continuing to work with families as we train children in the responsible and Godly use of computer based technologies and as we use these devices to enhance learning in the 21st Century.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Lee

Head of High School (ICT committee)

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