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IMG_1390 (1)About the SHCS Company

Southern Highlands Christian School (SHCS) was founded in 1983 by a group of Christian families who wanted a school that became an extension of their home by educating their children and helped to raise them to understand the world through the Christian lens focussing their thinking on ultimate truth – a biblical vision for life.

The school has continued to focus on offering a biblically-shaped, Christ-centred, parent-governed education from Prep to Year 12, and seeks to promote this educational model to the community of the Southern Highlands and beyond.

SHCS is legally owned by this group of parents and is an incorporated limited liability public company. The SHCS Company is the prime decision making body of the School and elect Board Members who act on behalf of the Company to determine policy and broad direction.

prepOverview1-prepWhy join the SHCS Company?

Families and friend involvement in the SHCS Company is not only something that will be welcomed but is crucial to the life of the School. By joining, you can have a say and provide direction to the ongoing vision and mission of SHCS. Membership helps you to transition from being a consumer of what SHCS offers, to becoming a partner of the School and it’s endeavours.

IMG_1390 (1)What is expected of a SHCS Company Member?

PRAYER Members are encouraged to be committed to praying for SHCS and it’s community.

INVOLVEMENT From time to time, committees may be formed for various purposes and will require Company Members to be included.

PARTICIPATION Attendance at the Annual General Meeting and one or two other occasional meetings is strongly encouraged, as well as reading various reports to keep informed about the running of the school and plans for it.

FINANCIAL Members are obliged to pay a joining fee of $11 and an annual $22 membership fee.

ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT Members offer encouragement and support to all members within the SHCS Community.

prepOverview1-prepI’d like to know more – what’s next?

The SHCS Company is open to past and present parents/guardians, grandparents and other interested members of the broader Christian community over the age of 18. Read through the attached SHCS Company: Information For Prospective Members, complete the Application Form and return it with the required supporting documentation and membership subscription to the SHCS Business Manager.

Company Information for Prospective Members

Application For Company Membership

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