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IMG_1270-BW-1Tuition Fees

Independent schools receive significantly less (combined Commonwealth and State) government funding than public schools. Tuition fees are charged to make up the difference between the costs of education and the government funding.

SHCS budgets to provide a well-resourced education in modern facilities at a moderate cost.

SHCS has a particularly generous sibling discount as part of its mission to be supportive of families. Where two or more children from a family attend, a generous discount is applied to the fees for the second and subsequent children. Please refer to the Fees Schedule for details. Preferred payment method is direct debit, this and other payment options may be discussed with the Business Manager.

Most parents pay fees as they are billed each term, with the exception of year 12 which is billed in three equal installments. Some parents pay their entire years fees in advance. If this is done by the 2nd week of term 1, a discount is applied. Others choose direct debit from their account or credit card or other electronic means as per written agreement with the Business Manager. (note: there is a bank surcharge on credit card payments). More detailed information is outlined in our Credit Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from the school office. Our Business Manager, who can be contacted through the School Office, is always available to discuss any questions you may have.

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The Building Fund

The SHCS Building Fund provides financial support for the School’s infrastructure, generally in projects that will benefit both current and future students.  The annual Building Fund appeal is held in June each year and all families are expected to make a tax-deductible contribution according to their means.

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