Uniform Modifications for 2016

We’d value your feedback!

As a result of parent feedback over a number of years and observing students’ uniform choices, a uniform committee is currently working towards introducing some modifications for 2016 & 2017. This committee currently consists of parent, staff and school board representatives.

Our objectives are to have a uniform that:

  • Clearly identifies SHCS in our local community
  • Unifies the Primary School with the High School but maintains some points of difference
  • Is cost effective to parents
  • Presents well and looks good on our students
  • Meets our climatic needs and is comfortable

We have now reached a point where student and parent feedback is being sought and we would appreciate your opinions on the following proposals.

Sports Uniform

Our sport uniform changes quite considerably. The new blue and green polo shirt for students K-12, unifies our school and is a more practical colour than white. K-6 will wear plain green microfiber track pant (not the fleece) and

Yr7-12 a plain blue microfiber track pant making this item more affordable than the current style. A transition period will be put in place.

Our exciting new addition is the introduction of a sport jersey and will be compulsory sports uniform item for all students K-12. But what design do you like best? We’d be interested to know! Please use the drop down options to indicate your first and second preference of sports jersey designs.

First Option:

Second Option:

Would you be interested in purchasing an optional tracksuit jacket to wear as an outer sport uniform layer for added warmth if the school supplied it?


Formal Uniform


The winter uniform for K-12, boys and girls will go largely unchanged apart from two items.
1. It is proposed that the red woollen jumper be eliminated from our collection. Students K-10 will wear the green jumper and students Yr 11-12 will wear the blue jumper. A transition period will be put in place.
2. The tartan tie will be worn K-12 with Yr 11-12 students wearing a Senior’s badge on their tie.

Summer Girls

In order to unify and make our collection more cohesive the Primary girls will now also wear the High School dress.

Summer Boys

Primary - The Primary boys’ shorts will now be grey, the same as the High School boys. Socks will be plain grey and short.
Senior - The Senior boys (Yr11-12), we are considering making long trousers compulsory during summer, perhaps even a long sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled up. This would be more age appropriate attire. Under consideration is also whether the tie should be worn during summer. What would your feeling be on this matter?

The uniform collection is currently on display in the Coffee & Chat room. We’d value your feedback on the uniform modifications presented. The closing date for comment is Sept 11th.

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