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At Southern Highlands Christian School, we ask:

“How does the curriculum contribute to learning more about God, understanding who we are, what we should value and how we might live our lives?”

Within the areas of their expertise, our capable educators attempt to steadily and cumulatively start age-appropriate conversations to stimulate not only the intellectual learning process but also the gradual exercise of practical skills - creating a learning community from Prep to Year 12 grounded in Christian Character, Learning, Excellence, Respect, and Community.

It is important to flesh out who our students are, and who they are becoming on completion of the academic journey at Southern Highlands Christian School.

This is but a snapshot of how we, at SHCS, try to encapsulate our Christian approach to education aimed at developing their minds, captivating their hearts and equipping their hands, as they explore God’s world and everything in it.

The result: young adults well equipped for a lifetime of learning through academic excellence, and a lifetime of faithful servanthood as they are encouraged to develop a robust, biblical, and relevant faith in God. How does the curriculum contribute to learning more about God, understanding who we are, what we should value, and how we might live our lives?

As such, we focus on exactly what young people will have mastered in every learning area at the end of their academic journey at Southern Highlands Christian School:

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SHCS is committed to education that recognises the whole of life formation; which is Christ honouring and biblically grounded, driving a high-quality, engaging learning experience.

The School is passionate about the growth of each student, seeking to develop their capacity for achievement from Prep to Year 12, through supporting the student-centric visions of opportunity, innovation and growth; and the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, character and citizenship.

1 Prep Engagement through exploration
Early Stage 1 Kindergarten Willingness Through Wonder
Stage 1 Year 1 and 2 Determination through Discovery
Stage 2 Year 3 and 4 Enthusiasm Through Engagement2
Stage 3 Awareness and Attainment
Stage 4 Year 7 and 8 Identity and Innovation
Stage 5 Year 9 and 10 Attitude and Adventure
Stage 6 Year 11 and 12 Creativity Courage and Conviction