Engaging with God's World through Science and Technologies
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The Australian Curriculum outlines the intention for “science to provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of important science concepts and processes, the practices used to develop scientific knowledge, of science’s contribution to our culture and society, and its applications in our lives. It provides an understanding of scientific inquiry methods, a foundation of knowledge across the disciplines of science, and develops an ability to communicate scientific understanding and use evidence to solve problems and make evidence-based decisions. The curriculum supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and to participate, if they so wish, in science-related careers.”

The Australian Curriculum states that “technologies draws together the distinct but related subjects of Design and Technologies, and Digital Technologies. It ensures that all students benefit from learning about, and working with, traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies that shape the world in which we live. In creating solutions, as well as responding to the designed world, students will contribute to sustainable patterns of living for themselves and others.”

At SHCS, we view science and technologies as mechanisms to engage with the intricacies of God’s world as we learn to appreciate the awe and wonder of Creation with reverence and relevance.

In order to achieve this we strive to teach


  • From a Christian worldview;

  • in a way that explores the awe and wonder through all things in Creation;

  • intertwined with values;

  • in order to encourage students to view engaging with God’s world as a lifelong endeavour.