Learning to use Gifts and Talents in the Creative and Performing Arts in order to Bless Others


The Australian Curriculum confirms that CREATIVE AND PERFORMANCE ARTS offers students the opportunity to study all subjects in the primary years of schooling, and to specialise in High School. They include Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. These subjects enable students to learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their imagined and conceptual ideas, emotions, observations and experiences.

At SHCS, we develop our students' skills and abilities in both Visual Arts (submitting their work to all the local shows) and Drama (with our annual SHCS Production). But Music, in particular, is an area of excellence at SHCS. Many of our teaching staff are talented musicians who not only assist the established musical groups within the School, but enjoy making music together and with students on a social platform. Easily done, as more than a third of SHCS students learn to master musical instruments.

Our aim at SHCS is for our students to excel academically in Music, but to also develop a love of performing and using the gifts God has blessed them with in order to bless others. We have many performance opportunities and have a variety of ensembles for students to be involved in.

Learning Instruments

Learning musical instruments is very popular at SHCS. Our suite of music studios is in constant use as we have more than 100 students learning from our experienced tutor team.

Music in Junior School Classes

At Southern Highlands Christian School, the students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have one Music lesson each week, led by an experienced music teacher. During their time in Music, the students learn to perform on classroom instruments such as percussion, ukulele, xylophones, and keyboards and to sing a varied repertoire of songs. They also create short compositions and listen and respond to music.

Junior Instrumental Program

The Junior Instrumental Program runs in Term 3 and 4 and enables all students in Year 3 to master either the violin, flute, clarinet or cello free of charge. The program is a great opportunity for the students at SHCS. Learning an instrument has proven educational benefits for children such as improving concentration and intelligence, and it is pleasing to see many of our students continuing on after the initial two terms.

Junior Music Program

Students in Junior school have many opportunities to perform throughout the year, at weekly lessons, chapel, assemblies and whole school events. There are regular afternoon concerts in the SHCS Café where primary musicians can play a solo piece.

Music in High School Classes

In Years 7-12 students learn about music through composing in a range of topics and styles, listening and performing. Students enjoy playing in small groups and learning arranging skills and teamwork. Elective music classes are very popular and are a creative and encouraging environment in which to nurture students’ talents.

Embracing music technology has enhanced work in composition. Students have written and recorded their own compositions, with Year 9/10 elective students experimenting with GarageBand to record and add layers to their compositions; Year 11 Music students composing contemporary Christian songs and Year 12 HSC students submitting very professional scores using Sibelius software.

High School: The Greatest Show

Not only do students in High School have many opportunities to perform throughout the year, at weekly lessons, chapel, assemblies and whole school events, they also are able to participate in the annual SHCS: Greatest Show, showcasing music, drama and dance.

String Scholarship

SHCS has a long tradition of fostering outstanding talent in strings and invites talented string players to apply for music scholarships. Successful applicants join our Senior String Ensemble and play at a range of exciting events.