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IMG_1604From the Principal

Our vision at Southern Highlands Christian School is for students to embrace the potential God has gifted each of them with to make a difference in the world. It is therefore essential for children to be empowered in their learning, equipped as creative thinkers and problem solvers, able to work as part of a team and to be encouraged towards high levels of achievement. Success stretches beyond wealth or position in society and our prayer is our students will exude truth, justice, mercy, compassion and grace; the very character of Jesus. The education offered at Southern Highlands Christian School is based on these foundational values.


For over thirty years SHCS has been providing quality Christian education in the Southern Highlands. Our core commitment to growing Knowledge, Character, Service and Leadership has laid a firm foundation for many young men and women throughout that time. Our dedicated Christian staff seek to foster these key aspects of education in all our students from Prep to Year 12. At SHCS we provide a curriculum of academic excellence whilst building a partnership with parents in helping to grow, develop and equip our students for their place in the world.

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Small Classes

Class sizes are optimized to ensure that students have the maximum opportunity to learn, focusing on the needs of the individual student.

Moral Development

We desire for all students to be equipped for life as an individual with solid Christian morals and principles:

This is achieved through:

  • Intensive instruction in accordance with the Board of Studies curriculum requirements with a Biblical perspective.
  • Encouragement to all students to develop their individual God-given talents and strengths.
  • Providing Christian teachers. ¬†Each teacher at the school is an active Christian, with an undoubtable commitment to the students entrusted to their care. They believe in a partnership in education with parents, and their dedication to their class goes well beyond a normal expectation.
  • Bible Studies and Daily Devotions. ¬†Students participate in classroom devotions each morning with a pastoral care and spiritual focus. This may vary in format in different stages of the school, but generally involves prayer, Bible reading and pastoral care of each other.
Discipline & Pastoral Care

We are committed to moulding responsible, mature students in our approach to discipline and working with our students to ensure they adopt for themselves high standards of behavior and work ethics. We understand the importance of parental involvement and endeavor to keep parents informed regarding the behavior of their child so they can support the discipline efforts of the school.

The School currently employs two chaplains to invest specifically in the pastoral care of our students with additional access to counselors in the wider community.

Service & Mission

At SHCS we are committed to the development of the whole child, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Part of this commitment is to help them achieve an outward focus.

Our school has developed a strong history of overseas mission trips, to countries such as Fiji, the Soloman Islands and Vanuatu as well as trips within Australia to Bourke and Darwin.

We want to challenge all students to not only respond to Christ but to share His love and the offer of salvation that He freely makes.

Without a doubt, mission trips are the highlight for many students, and they see the unique opportunity provided to them in serving others.

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